Monday, March 31, 2014

HTC One M8 Mini and Ace, they would be developing

It seems that there is a slightly disturbing trend these days with smartphone manufacturers. Usually what happens is that they first launch a flagship smartphone, but later followed by additional devices that are supposed to be based on the design / specifications featured smartphone, but generally they are less powerful.
We have seen Samsung do with the Galaxy S4, which has now at least 3 variants . Recently, LG also announced the LG G2 Mini is slightly smaller and less powerful than the LG G2 , and there, if we believe a tweet from @ evleaks , HTC could also add variations to HTC One M8 .

HTC One M8 was launched there shortly, and it will even be available in some markets, according to the operator. However, according to @ evleaks, HTC does not stop there. Apparently, there is a mini HTC One M8 and also another HTC Ace One M8. According to his tweet, HTC M8 mini One is "confirmed", but the M8 Ace is always in the air.
Of course, we know absolutely nothing about the specifications of these supposed devices, but they are probably less powerful than the original, otherwise what is the point of a flagship device, right?
Anyway, we suggest you take this with caution for now, but @ evleaks was quite specific about the leaks and rumors, so that there is truth in those words, but that do you think? Is that OEMs should also engage in variants "mini"?

Voxer for iOS 3.0 is announced

Apps such as WhatsApp , Line , WeChat and Voxer have definitely done their part to improve and provide more affordable communications between the masses - as long as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network or a data plan correct, and use a smartphone. Well, Voxer, a pioneer in push-to-talk (PTT) and multimedia messaging, announced that Voxer for iOS 3.0 is launched. It will be a completely refreshed app, which should deliver faster access to new messages, consume less energy and an intuitive user interface that can deliver a push-to-talk experience and richer content.

Of course, what's the point of a new version of the app if there were no new features? Among the new features you can find on the app for iOS7, there is a higher speed because Voxer 3.0 takes advantage of improvements in the network layer (iSPDY) to significantly reduce the latency and distribution of messages. In addition, notifications will now be pre-loaded on the devices, which further reduces the access time to the message.
You will experience a more intuitive interface with a flat design that is now the standard for iOS 7. Voxer 3.0 will use native icons when it is possible for it to be an intuitive experience most of the time, while the chat bubbles and controls focus on the content of the app so that users can focus on information and without losing sight of the features and components of Voxer.
Regarding the battery, the audio engine has been updated so that Voxer can better preserve the battery life, especially fashion walkie-talkie. You can also access the heard / read receipts and invalidations location and within a group messaging, data appear for each user. Voxer for iOS 3.0 will be available today.

Olympus STYLUS SH-1, official announcement

If you want a new camera, Olympus has two new APNs for you, one of them being the Olympus STYLUS SH-1 that was recently announced. The STYLUS SH-1 is a compact camera for those who want a camera to take everywhere with them but do not want to spend too much in new mirrorless APNs or manage congestion that goes with APNs Reflex.
According to Olympus, the upcoming camera STYLUS the SH-1 has a 16 megapixel sensor and an optical zoom 25-600mm. The optics will open f/3-6.9 which is not as bright as what we wanted, but it should be enough to do what you want, but under low light conditions, you can still increase the ISO.

Other features include an aluminum housing which should give a "premium" feel alloy. It can also capture movies in 1080p Full HD and also read at idle if that's your thing. The STYLUS SH-1 has a 3 inch touchscreen and WiFi connectivity to allow transfer photos / videos wirelessly.
The AFN will be available in various finishes (photo above) and will be available in late April at a price of $ 399.99.