Saturday, June 28, 2014

iPhone 6: The aluminum chassis is revealed in video

After the various models, perhaps this finally the turn of Genuine Parts iPhone 6 to emerge?

For a while, leaks about the iPhone and are very similar. And because all persons in possession of one of the famous models of the device will be their short video or photo gallery to share them with the world few natural news that the new iPhone 6 coming out will bring. Fortunately, these "leaks" are not the only information that falls on the next Apple smartphone and, occasionally, a few novelties are introduced.

This is the case today with a video posted by Macotakara since it reveals what appears to be a final version of the chassis version 4.7 "iPhone 6. As you can see, we have this time dealing with a small novelty since we have already seen the frame (or if you prefer the rear hull) of the new Apple smartphone pictures here and there. But this video is not uninteresting as long as it allows us to observe all angles what appears to be a permanent part of the new iPhone 6 coming out . Icing on the cake after a (too) large number of comparisons between the existing models and Apple smartphones, the chassis also entitled to his little comparison against the iPhone 5s.

6 models of iPhone from $ 30

In addition to this comparison showing us, unsurprisingly, that the new iPhone 4.7 coming out "will be bigger than the iPhone 5s and smaller than phablette 5.5", this video shows us once again that the Apple logo on the back of the device is cut. It is quite possible that this space is simply filled in the future with black plastic as is the case on the iPad, it is still possible to dream a little and imagine Apple logo as luminescent those who are on the back of laptops firm.

Anyway, if you really can not wait any longer after the new iPhone 6 coming out , know that you can also offer a small model of the future smartphone from the firm at the apple. Macotakara tells us that the AliExpress website sells models of iPhone 4.7 "from $ 30, it is possible to acquire version 5.5" from $ 150 a piece and even iPad 2 Air which should greatly resemble the first name, is available for U.S. $ 190. At this price it may be worth waiting a few months is not the real product?

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iPhone 6: Release September 19

Apple's next smartphone will be released in mid September.

The rumors don't stop on the next Apple smartphone . Besides, it is not one but two smartphones that will be presented. Indeed, it now seems clear that the Cupertino company will unveil two new smartphones in September. However, if the date of the official announcement we are unknown, some information is available.

Indeed, if we knew that for the moment only the production of these new models would start at the beginning of July and that Foxconn, Apple's subcontractor hired with a vengeance, the release date now seems emerge. A release date which, as every year, will be located in the month of September.

Chinese operator announces date

This is a Chinese operator announced by mistake the release date of the two smartphones from Apple and it will be ... careful, September 19. The date seems credible because Apple has a habit out its new Friday, gold, September 19 is indeed a Friday. Nevertheless, remember that this is a rumor and not an official date and that information is to be conditional.

In any case, if such a release date is confirmed, the presentation should take a little over a week before with a probable date September 9. See you in September to discover these two new iPhone coming out .

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Huawei : Honor 6 coming out

New Huawei : Honor 6 coming out
New Huawei : Honor 6 coming out

The Chinese manufacturer unveils its new smartphone coming out, the New Huawei : Honor 6 coming out.

You want premium? Huawei is there for you with its new smartphone, the Honor 6. We start with the screen, which is not in the lace as it will benefit from a Full HD screen of 5 inches or 12.7 cm if wants to be accurate. Kirin 920 is the name of the home of Chinese smartphone processor, shipping 8 cores and RAM 3 GB This processor is perfect for rotating the 4.4.2 version of Android as well as the overlay Emotion UI 2.3.

Compatible with the 4G + (for theoretical speeds of 300 Mbps), the New Honor 6 coming out also hosts WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio and GPS. For the photo, it has a main camera of 13 MP sensor and a front 5MP. Memory level, it contains 16 GB, expandable through a microSD nevertheless. About the battery, it will take over 3000 mAh. Finally, we learn that the weight of the device is only 135 grams.

No price, no date for this new Honor 6 coming out

Despite the availability of the product of new Honor 6 coming out , Huawei has decided not to for the moment the possible date of release of this new smartphone and its price. Hope it is not only available on the Chinese market.

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Google I / O latest rumors before the opening

Update on the alleged program Google conference tonight

Tonight is the annual celebration for Google Sans Francisco, which opens the I / O, its week-long meeting with the developers.

It begins with a keynote that should be river than last year lasted more than 3:30. And if the conference is as long, it's probably because Google has a lot of new and exciting things to introduce ourselves. Here this morning a point on the supposed program tonight.

Sundar Pichai, should we unveil a new version of Android. He confirmed to Bloomberg, the details of the next iteration of Google Mobile OS will be presented tonight, even though it will probably not be available for several months. The conference should give emphasis to Android smartphone and tablets, but probably also for various other connected objects, to wear for home, car, short, Android is everywhere.

Google should also have Android TV, Google TV successor. It is a system for TVs and transforms them into smart TV. The big question is whether the Chromecast be associated or not with this new attempt by Google to invade our living rooms, because if a card is Chromecast, attempts to impose Google TV have not borne fruit.

The smartwatches will also be honored with the presentation of the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. Both run on Android Wear, and respond to your requests through the integration of Google voice recognition. Watch the LG G which is also officially preorder last night for $ 249.

Always talking about Android watches Wear, we are not immune to surprises from HTC and Samsung, two other manufacturers who also announced their rallying standard Android Wear, which looks very exciting!

All this is that this morning we suppose, but there will probably be many more surprises. We are given an appointment tomorrow for a full # freshnews dbrief this evening!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Amazon Fire Phone: failure even before its launch?

Production forecasts of Amazon Fire Phone are very modest. Excessive caution or admission of failure even before its release?

The Amazon U.S. distributor presented last week his long-awaited Fire Phone. As expected, because Amazon had a pretty successful hit with the Kindle Fire tablet. In contrast, the Fire Phone is more like a damp squib. Indeed, it seems unlikely that Amazon's smartphone reiterates cardboard tablet Kindle Fire, and it seems that Jeff Bezos himself is aware.

This morning, the Taiwanese Digitimes website that gives us clues about Amazon's ambitions. According to the website, the Fire Phone is produced at a very modest rate of 3 to 500,000 units per month, with a forecast of 2 to 3 million devices that come out of the factories by the end of the year.

Fire the phone too expensive at $ 640

Even if it seems high, this figure is incommensurate with the quantities produced at the output of smartphones Apple, Samsung and even LG or HTC.

If these production forecasts are also low, probably because Amazon is on the one hand the U.S. market, with even excluded reserved for AT & T, but also because the device sold without subscription will proposed next month at the exorbitant price of $ 640, a price that puts the Fire Phone at par with the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5C, at the price, but far from their performance.

As for a Fire Phone arrival in Europe, it is not even mentioned. Amazon probably wait to see the reception given to his smartphone in the United States before considering expanding its marketing to the world.

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The tablet Nexus 8: manufactured by HTC and unveiled photo

Volantis or HTC Nexus 8 tablet that looks like a large Nexus 5 is not manufactured by LG
You know if you follow the news of the Nexus line, Google will soon stop out their own models of smartphones and tablets in favor of Android Silver program, highlighting the best manufacturers in pure versions of their Android devices.

Exception or product designed before this shift for Google, the New Nexus 8 coming out tablet made its appearance in photos released by the Android Police website. The Nexus 8, also called Volantis is manufactured by HTC. A first for the Taiwanese manufacturer, and according, Android Police, would be a small bomb.

HTC Volantis at the Google I / O?

Indeed, this tablet 8.9 "embark a high definition 2048 × 1440 and a Nvidia Tegra processor K1, an 8-megapixel camera with image stabilization, a unibody screen and stereo speakers on the front.

HTC Volantis or Nexus 8 will she provided presented at the Google I / O? Nothing is less certain, but we will keep an eye on San Francisco if Google would present this tablet at its developers conference this week.

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iPhone 6: 100 000 pairs of hands for a September release?

Focus on news and rumors about the iPhone 6

Every day, around his new iPhone 6. Yesterday, we learned that Foxxcon hired 100,000 people in addition to its regular staff to participate in a giant barbecue. Well, no, not the manufacture of the iPhone 6 ... And meanwhile, Pegatron, another Apple supplier, has increased its production capacity by 30% for the same reasons.

According to SlashGear website, the output of the two models of the iPhone 6 is in 4.7 "and 5.5" should be simultaneous. The iPhone 6 will be thinner with more rounded shapes, if one believes the increasing number of pictures that supposedly roam on the web ... But for the large model, production is more complex, and it is mainly for this reason that the numbers would have been reinforced.

iPhone 6: The price remains a mystery

Analysts believe that the calendar says. At last, the mass production of two iPhone 6 would begin next week and the output would be expected around September.

You regularly ask us the question, but it is far too early to talk about price. However, both models should be quite expensive, especially start saving right away if you want to move to the next generation iPhone in September.

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Microsoft formalizes the Nokia X2, a smartphone with 4.3-inch 129.90 euros

Always to the input range, the Nokia X2 improves on all fronts. Arrived in July for 129.90 euros.

As expected, the new smartphone from the Nokia X series, Nokia X2 logically called, was formalized by Microsoft. Mobile branch of the firm, which now includes Nokia, has made improvements in both hardware and software on this new phone coming out . Despite this progress, Microsoft is still the area of ​​affordable smartphones.

On the hardware side, the Nokia X2 features a 4.3-inch WVGA screen, camera / video 5MP sensor with flash on the back and a VGA front sensor. To propel the whole, there is a dual heart Snapdragon processor 200 1.2 GHz, 1GB of RAM and a 1800 mAh battery. Note the presence of a dual SIM card slot, while storage space is 4GB expandable via micro SD (up to 32GB).

Larger input range offers

Nokia X software platform to version 2.0. The interface combines elements of Android and Windows Phone sees improved and enriched. Three home screen types are now available (the classic with large tiles, Fastlane with recent applications or a list inspired Lumia), a tab for notifications was added, and multitasking has also been improved.

In addition to access to Ovi Store, the OS also integrate Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Skype and OneDrive. The Nokia X2 will be available worldwide from July at a price of 129.90 euros. It will be available in orange, green and black, and later in yellow, white and gray.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

iPhone 6: A big screen, but also NFC and wireless charging!

Besides the big screen already confirmed, others all too interesting news should appear with the iPhone 6.

Last Monday, while the Apple keynote opening the WWDC developers conference 14 had not yet started, Foxconn let go of the song and confirmed the biggest rumor about the next iPhone by issuing a press release in which he announced that it would produce a large amount of new iPhone 6 coming out and that it would be available in two versions, one being equipped with a 4.7 "display and the other shipping slab 5.5". Since confirmed once again by the first beta of Xcode 6, these new screen sizes but seem to have a few secrets to reveal.

Clearly informed by a source close to the case, VentureBeat has indeed provided some new information on the screen stating that a new anti-scratch coating is introduced and the borders around the screen are thinner than previous models. And because the iPhone has a screen of around 5 "will inevitably be more cumbersome and every millimeter counts. But everyone knows that today's manufacturers are looking at all costs to reduce the size of their devices despite the introduction of ever larger screens.

NFC finally on iPhone

It's been a while since we heard about the arrival of NFC on the iPhone, but we realized several years ago that Apple would add NFC technology on its new iPhone coming out once payment services properly installed on the mobile market. But according to some sources, this could change with the arrival of the new iPhone 6 since the latter could pick this little chip that is so much about her.

As we already mentioned in a previous article, with iTunes Apple has a large database containing banking information of its customers. With hundreds of millions of iTunes accounts already containing the bank details of customers, Apple would have to propose a small option for iPhone users that they can use their mobile as a means of payment.

The iPhone 6 rechargeable wireless?

Wireless charging is also part of small innovations that many users would like to see appear earlier on Apple products. She also appeared there already a few years in the competition and there are many devices can be loaded and today. There is still some time, manufacturers do not really know where to turn for several competing standards partagaient the market. But now, the two main standards A4WP and LDCs appear to have buried the hatchet, and when a device works with one, it is also compatible with each other.

As for the NFC, Apple would have waited enough to visibly observe the arrangement of the market and is finally ready to introduce wireless charging into its new mobile devices . No one knows yet what standard the firm will choose, but according to the source of VentureBeat, the hull of the new iPhone 6 coming out already include a surface for the inductive charging smartphone.

A more efficient 4G chip

4G has become the new standard to be affixed to all new mobile devices, there was already no doubt that Apple would improve the connectivity and performance of its devices. However, a new source supports this evidence indicating that the new iPhone 6 would have a chip LTE Category 6, a chip to achieve a maximum download speed of 300Mbps.

VentureBeat adds that this new chip is not yet compliant LTE-Advanced, but it would then be an intermediate step towards this technology capable of offering very high debut exceeding 1 Gbps.

Note, however, that Apple's current mobile devices are equipped with "only" chip LTE Category 4 and are therefore not capable of exceeding 150 Mbps ...

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Amazon Kindle Phone announced on June 18?

The U.S. distributor is expected to unveil its smartphone screen 3D on June 18 in Seattle

It was a moment that we had not talked about the new Amazon smartphone coming out. And just to remember our good memories, the online retailer invites us to lend an ear on June 18.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's boss, will hold a press conference in Seattle that day. Amazon promises the introduction of a new product should be "Amazing", obviously, and including a video teaser was released yesterday evening.

Kindle Phone 3D interface

We do not see the famous product, but only the reaction of people who use it. If you believe the rumors in recent months, the new Amazon smartphone coming out propose a 3D interface and from the video, it does not leave unmoved.

Amazon has already successfully entered the tablet market with the Kindle and especially software ecosystem based on Android, but completely redesigned and controlled by the American giant including its own application store. It will surely be the same with the Kindle Phone. Appointment on June 18 for more information.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A big price drop for the Pro 2 Surface?

The arrival of the Surface Pro 3 could lead to big price drop on the previous generation .

While Microsoft introduced it a few days ago its new tablet / computer area , Surface Pro 3 , the previous generation could benefit from a big price drop . Indeed, during the announcement of the Pro 3 Microsoft in no way mentioned the fate he had in his previous book tablet / computer. However , the new model despite its larger screen and finesse is cheaper than the Surface Pro 2 , a price that portends good things.

Indeed difficult for Microsoft to explain to consumers offer a newer model and cheaper than the previous model , it is smaller and less efficient larger screen. However, the new Surface Pro 3 coming out is already preorder the case has already arisen .
A decrease from 150 to 175 €

Thus , Microsoft has already established a big discount on the tablet / computer across the Channel with a price drop can go up to 175 € on the most expensive models . A reduction which is the entry level , with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM to 710 against € 884 model previously pass. Good news when we know that the main criticism of the Microsoft product was just the price.

Still remains to be seen whether this initiative will spread and be implemented at home, in France . In all cases , remember that the Surface Pro 3 is already pre-order and will be released in September.