Monday, July 14, 2014

LG announces the G3 Prime under another name

LG recently formalized a first version of its high-end smartphone.

While the G3, the new high-end smartphone LG signed is available for just one week, the Korean company has just formalize a first declension. At least one dealer has launched preorders. Rumors had called LG G3 Prime, but now you can forget it since LG seems to have chosen to name this LG G3 Cat.6 version of the name of its 4G compatibility.

Indeed, if until now all 4G smartphones are compatible 4G LTE category 3 ie offering 4G speeds up to 150Mb / s go download some best new smartphones as this model goes further and compatible with 4G +, namely the 4G LTE category 6 with a flow rate up to 300Mb / s go download.

A different processor

However, if all the components of this new LG G3 Cat.6 phones coming out are identical to those of LG G3 we already know, a component must have not been specified, but must necessarily be different: the processor. Featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, the LG traditional G3 embarks indeed an incompatible chip with 4G networks Category 6 and so it will take to find another LG chip for this variation.

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