Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Xiaomi E5: its official presentation advanced to January

If after releasing two senior major range in a very short time, Meizu is about to unveil two new devices small budget, it may well be that his great rival Xiaomi response earlier than expected. According to a recent report from iLevan, member of the MIUI team, the official presentation of Xiaomi E5 could be advanced in January and not a year after the E4, announced last July.

Xiaomi Mi5

The Xiaomi E5 happen in January

As can learn about the Chinese social network Weibo, all leading models of this range the Chinese manufacturer are referenced under code names corresponding to the astrological signs. So while the Mi2 and Mi2S were originally known as code name Aries and Taurus Mi2A under the code name, the Mi3 and E4 were appointed by Pisces and Cancer codenames.

Although these signs are absolutely not in order and that he misses some, like Leo or Sagittarius, the next terminal of the company would, for now the Virgin name and would be expected for the month January. If all these clues suggest that this is the Xiaomi E5, it is also conceivable that the company so an intermediate model named Xiaomi Mi4S.

If for the moment, it is not yet clear whether this new terminal is expected for January the Xiaomi E5, the report states that this device will support the international 4G networks. However, the international version of E4 has just been formalized and will be available from next December 16th is tomorrow.

For its part, according to the latest rumors, data sheet Xiaomi E5 should propose a large screen of 5.7 inch Quad HD resolution and 64-Bit octo core processor Snapdragon 810 supported by 4 GB of Ram. A huge leap forward compared to E4, however knowing the current ambitions of the Chinese manufacturer, it would not be so surprising.

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