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Test: Sony Xperia E3

In September last year we were able to take control of the Sony Xperia E3 when it was announced during the IFA 2014. This is a mid-range device running Android and being equipped with a 4G chip. Interesting that Xperia E3?
 Test: Sony Xperia E3

Design of the Sony Xperia E3

The Sony Xperia E3 has a fairly standard design, see little original. The cool stuff coming in my direction, matte plastic processing, pleasant to the touch. The edges of the device are quite thick and the smartphone is quite heavy for a screen of only 4.5 ", which reveals the range of the terminal. We tested the Xperia E3 in white, but you can also get it in black, see brown.

Level ergonomics, Xperia E3 is the dimensions of a device equipped with a screen 5" to 4.5". Specifically ergonomics of the terminal is very good, the smartphone is not very large and the buttons are well placed, but this screen size it would have been possible to do much better. The Xperia E3 shows a pack of empty areas, particularly low, which does not allow to optimize the design ratio / screen.

sony-xperia-e3-photo 2

sony-xperia-e3-photo 3

Sony Xperia E3 screen

The Xperia E3 is equipped with a screen 4.5" IPS definition 480x854, 218ppi. It's able to generate about  197lx max brightness on white, which is very interesting, especially for good visibility outdoors. The pixel density is not amazing, people used to more directly see it. The viewing angles are not very good either and we detected a slight yellow tint.

Autonomy of the Sony Xperia E3

The Xperia E3 completes our classic test of independence to 60%, which is quite excellent, with 20% engulfed in the 3D test. With the Xperia E3, you will easily have a day and a half of independence in "normal" use, 2 days in lighter use. The battery is not removable.

"Performance of the Sony Xperia E3"

The Sony Xperia E3 is equipped with a small Snapdragon 400 Quad Core 1.2GHz which, in the interface, provides a correct experience but who clearly recalls the product range. Of course, this does not prevent you from using the device without frustration. It is at the level of raw performance that grinds more teeth 18600 points on the AnTuTu benchmark, enough to run most current games but not necessarily in the best conditions for the greediest, eventually you might be embarrassed . Sony Xperia E3 does not heat especially even after 30 minutes of play in 3D.

Loudspeaker Sony Xperia E3

Contrary to what one might think, the Xperia E3 does not have a system of front speakers. At the front you have the audio output up and down, the microphone is integrated into the design to be symmetrical, which can deceive. The speaker is on the back, down the hull. It offers sound quality very correct for a fairly low volume.

Photo and video quality of the Sony Xperia E3

In a Day Pictured Sony Xperia E3 offers one made ​​a little pale and lacking in detail. We were able to distinguish (not visible here, we must zoom) chromatic noise present in most images even in daylight which gives a saturated hue, by zones, it is quite unsightly.

At night the focus is complicated but besides that, strangely, the Xperia E3 is doing decently.
sony-xperia-e3-simple 01

sony-xperia-e3-simple 02

In video, Sony Xperia E3 sound is OK but with a clearly audible breath when the environment is quiet. By day the colors are correct, with a white balance that does the job. The general report is nevertheless a bit pixelated, unaesthetic. At night the image is noisy and the development is very complicated.

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