Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Migrating to Windows Phone 8 is easy with Nokia!

Nokia has launched a new series of videos on its YouTube channel. The goal? Guide and help new users Lumia repatriate their data from any OS.
Change upcoming smartphone, it is not always easy. There is the sentimental aspect, of course. Then there is the practical aspect. All of these numbers that we do not want to lose, but no more want to enter it manually. These messages, these pictures, these videos, these songs ... So many things we simply would find on the new model, without making any effort.
Video tutorials for new users of Lumia ...

Only transfer all the data can be more complicated than it seems, especially when the trigger is from one OS to another. Nokia has decided to guide new buyers a Lumia through the different stages of this transition not always obvious. To do this, he made ​​a small series called "Easy Switch ..." it broadcasts its channel YouTube .
... But especially for those who are not yet reached the milestone!

It has five episodes, each dedicated to a departure OS: Symbian, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Most manipulations are simple to make. Nokia's approach is essentially to show that it is possible to migrate from any existing OS to Windows Phone 8, without losing your valuable data and relatively easy.

This should not be an obstacle if one of the new models announced by the manufacturer you typed in the eye, whether Lumia 630/635 or Lumia 930!

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