Sunday, April 20, 2014

Samsung prepares a watch Android Wear

Gear Galaxy runs Android. The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo in Tizen. The Gear Fit as a home OS. A fourth operating system soon host watches Samsung Android Wear.
Samsung did not wait for Google and Android to Wear to market accessories connected. Indeed, it is even now in its second generation of Gear, which now runs on Tizen. It has also launched a bracelet in a home OS, the Gear Fit. Yet, unlike Sony , the "turnkey" solution to the Mountain View company is far to be ignored.
First shows Android Wear 2015
In fact, Samsung is already in the list of Google's partners. Consistent with this, it should integrate its next Android Wear connected watches, or at least some of them. The first also happen sooner than we expected before the end of the year. The information was confirmed to The Verge in an email exchange with the manufacturer. Obviously, no detail has been shared.
Samsung should therefore be among the first to offer Android Wear a watch, but not the first. His compatriot new LG phones coming out plans to launch the G Watch this summer. Motorola, meanwhile, put on the Moto 360, expected in the same period in the United States.

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