Tuesday, June 24, 2014

iPhone 6: 100 000 pairs of hands for a September release?

Focus on news and rumors about the iPhone 6

Every day, around his new iPhone 6. Yesterday, we learned that Foxxcon hired 100,000 people in addition to its regular staff to participate in a giant barbecue. Well, no, not the manufacture of the iPhone 6 ... And meanwhile, Pegatron, another Apple supplier, has increased its production capacity by 30% for the same reasons.

According to SlashGear website, the output of the two models of the iPhone 6 is in 4.7 "and 5.5" should be simultaneous. The iPhone 6 will be thinner with more rounded shapes, if one believes the increasing number of pictures that supposedly roam on the web ... But for the large model, production is more complex, and it is mainly for this reason that the numbers would have been reinforced.

iPhone 6: The price remains a mystery

Analysts believe that the calendar says. At last, the mass production of two iPhone 6 would begin next week and the output would be expected around September.

You regularly ask us the question, but it is far too early to talk about price. However, both models should be quite expensive, especially start saving right away if you want to move to the next generation iPhone in September.

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