Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Google I / O latest rumors before the opening

Update on the alleged program Google conference tonight

Tonight is the annual celebration for Google Sans Francisco, which opens the I / O, its week-long meeting with the developers.

It begins with a keynote that should be river than last year lasted more than 3:30. And if the conference is as long, it's probably because Google has a lot of new and exciting things to introduce ourselves. Here this morning a point on the supposed program tonight.

Sundar Pichai, should we unveil a new version of Android. He confirmed to Bloomberg, the details of the next iteration of Google Mobile OS will be presented tonight, even though it will probably not be available for several months. The conference should give emphasis to Android smartphone and tablets, but probably also for various other connected objects, to wear for home, car, short, Android is everywhere.

Google should also have Android TV, Google TV successor. It is a system for TVs and transforms them into smart TV. The big question is whether the Chromecast be associated or not with this new attempt by Google to invade our living rooms, because if a card is Chromecast, attempts to impose Google TV have not borne fruit.

The smartwatches will also be honored with the presentation of the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. Both run on Android Wear, and respond to your requests through the integration of Google voice recognition. Watch the LG G which is also officially preorder last night for $ 249.

Always talking about Android watches Wear, we are not immune to surprises from HTC and Samsung, two other manufacturers who also announced their rallying standard Android Wear, which looks very exciting!

All this is that this morning we suppose, but there will probably be many more surprises. We are given an appointment tomorrow for a full # freshnews dbrief this evening!

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