Sunday, June 8, 2014

iPhone 6: A big screen, but also NFC and wireless charging!

Besides the big screen already confirmed, others all too interesting news should appear with the iPhone 6.

Last Monday, while the Apple keynote opening the WWDC developers conference 14 had not yet started, Foxconn let go of the song and confirmed the biggest rumor about the next iPhone by issuing a press release in which he announced that it would produce a large amount of new iPhone 6 coming out and that it would be available in two versions, one being equipped with a 4.7 "display and the other shipping slab 5.5". Since confirmed once again by the first beta of Xcode 6, these new screen sizes but seem to have a few secrets to reveal.

Clearly informed by a source close to the case, VentureBeat has indeed provided some new information on the screen stating that a new anti-scratch coating is introduced and the borders around the screen are thinner than previous models. And because the iPhone has a screen of around 5 "will inevitably be more cumbersome and every millimeter counts. But everyone knows that today's manufacturers are looking at all costs to reduce the size of their devices despite the introduction of ever larger screens.

NFC finally on iPhone

It's been a while since we heard about the arrival of NFC on the iPhone, but we realized several years ago that Apple would add NFC technology on its new iPhone coming out once payment services properly installed on the mobile market. But according to some sources, this could change with the arrival of the new iPhone 6 since the latter could pick this little chip that is so much about her.

As we already mentioned in a previous article, with iTunes Apple has a large database containing banking information of its customers. With hundreds of millions of iTunes accounts already containing the bank details of customers, Apple would have to propose a small option for iPhone users that they can use their mobile as a means of payment.

The iPhone 6 rechargeable wireless?

Wireless charging is also part of small innovations that many users would like to see appear earlier on Apple products. She also appeared there already a few years in the competition and there are many devices can be loaded and today. There is still some time, manufacturers do not really know where to turn for several competing standards partagaient the market. But now, the two main standards A4WP and LDCs appear to have buried the hatchet, and when a device works with one, it is also compatible with each other.

As for the NFC, Apple would have waited enough to visibly observe the arrangement of the market and is finally ready to introduce wireless charging into its new mobile devices . No one knows yet what standard the firm will choose, but according to the source of VentureBeat, the hull of the new iPhone 6 coming out already include a surface for the inductive charging smartphone.

A more efficient 4G chip

4G has become the new standard to be affixed to all new mobile devices, there was already no doubt that Apple would improve the connectivity and performance of its devices. However, a new source supports this evidence indicating that the new iPhone 6 would have a chip LTE Category 6, a chip to achieve a maximum download speed of 300Mbps.

VentureBeat adds that this new chip is not yet compliant LTE-Advanced, but it would then be an intermediate step towards this technology capable of offering very high debut exceeding 1 Gbps.

Note, however, that Apple's current mobile devices are equipped with "only" chip LTE Category 4 and are therefore not capable of exceeding 150 Mbps ...

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