Sunday, June 1, 2014

A big price drop for the Pro 2 Surface?

The arrival of the Surface Pro 3 could lead to big price drop on the previous generation .

While Microsoft introduced it a few days ago its new tablet / computer area , Surface Pro 3 , the previous generation could benefit from a big price drop . Indeed, during the announcement of the Pro 3 Microsoft in no way mentioned the fate he had in his previous book tablet / computer. However , the new model despite its larger screen and finesse is cheaper than the Surface Pro 2 , a price that portends good things.

Indeed difficult for Microsoft to explain to consumers offer a newer model and cheaper than the previous model , it is smaller and less efficient larger screen. However, the new Surface Pro 3 coming out is already preorder the case has already arisen .
A decrease from 150 to 175 €

Thus , Microsoft has already established a big discount on the tablet / computer across the Channel with a price drop can go up to 175 € on the most expensive models . A reduction which is the entry level , with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM to 710 against € 884 model previously pass. Good news when we know that the main criticism of the Microsoft product was just the price.

Still remains to be seen whether this initiative will spread and be implemented at home, in France . In all cases , remember that the Surface Pro 3 is already pre-order and will be released in September.

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