Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Galaxy S5, Gear Fit, Nokia X and Xperia Z2

While the Mobile World Congress in full swing, it is impossible for us not to talk announcements from Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

But it is also connected accessories which will be discussed in today's show.

As it is purely personal headband connected and anklet that I look most looking forward to have a truly complete range with my wrist that will tell me if I smell feet, my head, my measure heart and my ankle that will tell me how my head. Then and only then, I'll swim in happiness connected in all its splendor with monitoring my health insured directly from a super computer in the basement of the White House. Anyway, here's our recap of the first day of MWC in the # freshnews day.

Samsung introduces the New Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit phones coming out

And now it's done, the new Galaxy S5 phones coming out has finally been officially presented. Fortunately for many of us no longer able to sleep as the suspense was unbearable. The facade of the S5 is almost identical to the S4 though it is slightly larger. Two touch buttons and a home button that also acts as a fingerprint reader, which is essential to the keke evening with the ability to make purchases or to switch to private mode found under the screen.

Galaxy S5

This is the back of the device that stands out the most because Samsung chose a material giving a faux leather stamped appearance which greatly improves the grip. Clement whispers in the atrium for the trolls, this is the special texture dressing. A heart rate sensor has been added under the photo sensor. Note also that the S5 waterproof and dustproof. Processor, camera and battery ahead of course very powerful, all technical details in our dedicated section. New S5 phones coming out should be available for sale from April 11 to an unknown price.

Side accessories wrist, you spoke yesterday Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, but Samsung returned to the charge, this time on the market bracelets connected. The Gear Fit runs Tizen and features a curved screen and 1.84 inch round. Besides the classical notifications bracelet reads your heart rate and will be equipped with an accelerometer as a gyroscope. It may therefore warn you if you ever walk upside down, for example, which can always be handy to not have the ankles swell. Note that the bracelet Gear Fit is both lightweight and hypoallergenic, what a shame for fans of mycoses.

Nokia goes Android

Nokia's start with that, as rumor suggested, ended up spending Android. With models X, X Plus and XL, the Finnish manufacturer seeks to retain some specific Windows Phone as tiles or notifications fastlane center while enjoying the Android platform. However, Google has not certified the Nokia X, which will therefore don't have a prior access to Google Play . However Nokia promises to provide the most popular applications, without more is known at this time. What is certain is that the phone will benefit from applications Microsoft Skype or as OneDrive Here Maps. Mails for Outlook and it will therefore not Gmail.

Nokia X

Six months after the beginnings of redemption by Microsoft and a few weeks before its realization brand therefore seeks to reconcile the two worlds to keep the best, all at entry level prices. In fact, the Nokia X will be available for sale at 119 euros and XL, a 5-inch phone will arrive on the market in the spring to 149 euros. I must say that the Lumia, more upscale but only Windows Phone had been commercial failures in spite of certain qualities. Time will tell if this strategy enables Nokia to regain some of its luster.

Sony Unveils Xperia Z2

On the other flagship now turn to the new Xperia Z2 phones coming out, the high-end Sony. With a 5.2 inch screen for 158 grams, the water resistant smartphone as dust appears no less than 3 GB of RAM with a quad core processor at 2.3 Ghz. The camera is 20.7 megapixels and shoots in 4K or 120 frames per second in 720p. Z2 also propose a system of noise reduction should be significant for the convenience of contacts that you call from the party to dork or one of many shootings in which you participate. Available in black, white and purple, Xperia Z2 is announced at 700 euros, and finally 699 in marketing release. Small flat perhaps internal storage is limited to 16GB.

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