Friday, May 23, 2014

HTC could have found his secret weapon to deal with Samsung

To defeat the competition, HTC plans to build on the quality of photos sensors that equip its future smartphones and promises heavy.

One by unveiling its first smartphone in early 2013, HTC has offered a last chance to recuperate after leaving the competition to seize the market with Android . Therefore, the HTC One M8 unveiled this year was highly anticipated. But if this new smartphone is proving to be a very nice evolution of the first model, HTC will have to overcome to deal with its competitors, including the giant Samsung that continues to flood the market with several versions of smartphones, too rather numerous.

To get a place in the market, HTC now seems to rely on the quality of the cameras on board. Symon Whitehorn, specializing in photo sensor HTC has indeed indicated that the cameras that fit our phones will continue to be essential for the growth and development of the industry, he hopes to earn his place in particular through gradual disappearance of digital cameras. "As smartphones become the main camera people, we expect more of them," he says, "is why we have invested heavily in cameras, because cameras make most smartphones our pictures now. We already surpass many compact cameras, but we want to get closer to the quality offered by conventional cameras. "

Smartphones better than the SLR?

According to Whitehorn, within two years consumers have a hard time justifying the purchase of a camera so the difference between a smartphone camera and a digital SLR will become almost imperceptible. According to him, we should be entitled to the same optical zoom in our smartphones, by only 12 to 18 months. Meanwhile, the manufacturer intends to make inroads into the growing popularity of selfies, thanks to the front camera of 5 megapixels which equips the HTC One M8.

On the front camera, HTC is certainly flawless in improving to attract fans selfies. Remains to be seen what the manufacturer will propose in the future to overcome the reflexes with the main pictures of its smartphones sensors, because if the HTC One M8 is doing quite well compared to its competitors, pictures taken with the sensor 4 Megapixels, also UltraPixel it is, do not unanimously when viewed on the big screen and are virtually unusable for printing. So we wait to see what HTC prepares us!

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