Thursday, May 22, 2014

new Surface Pro 3 coming out

A new tablet / PC Microsoft signed with a screen of 12 inches.

The history of Microsoft and its range area had started badly with two totally disastrous first models, but since last year things are better and the second version of Surface and Surface Pro marked a big step forward . However , Microsoft does not want to stop there and held a press conference today in New York.

But if Microsoft has unveiled a new Surface, Surface Pro 3 , the firm is also back on the philosophy of space: avoid requiring the user to have a tablet and a PC by combining these two products Living with a Pro. The idea for Microsoft is to "create a new family of product," said Satya Nadella eg , CEO of Microsoft.

A giant 12-inch screen

In terms of this new tablet / PC , it is called Surface Pro 3 and has a large 12 inch screen against 10.6 inch Surface Pro 2 which should also remain in the catalog. Program , we also have the latest Intel processors with the possibility of having a Core i3 , i5 or i7 . Microsoft also puts forward the power and productivity of its tablet on software such as AutoCad and Photoshop. It is precisely now , optimized for use with the stylus Surface
Pro 3 . Microsoft Has also made ​​an effort on weight, this new version weighing only 800 grams without the keyboard and with less than a kilo .

Also note that the bottom of the tablet can now be placed in any desired position and not just two . New Surface Pro 3 coming out will be available in France from the end of August at a yet undisclosed price .Source: Microsoft

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