Sunday, May 4, 2014

Motorola Moto X +1: the successor of Moto X would already very far!

About to be swallowed by Lenovo, Motorola continues projects started under the tutelage of Google. This includes the successor to its Moto X released in summer 2013. Called Moto X +1, it would no longer far away.
Although at the beginning of great changes, Motorola is far from having ceased operations. Certainly his Moto G Forte was more a marketing campaign a real novelty. Moto X +1, however, should inaugurate the 2014 catalog of the manufacturer and take over the Moto X launched last summer. This leak, we must, as often, the incorrigible @ evleaks , always willing to share his good.
 A little full flight

Unfortunately, apart from the official spelling and indices of availability visibly near the serial leaker did not receive mass of information about the smartphone. No technical details have been given. However, Moto X having suffered much criticism, it is not difficult to imagine the points that Motorola could improve to confirm his essay. Camera configuration screen should at least be on the list.
Assets to maintain

However, the Moto X had also introduced some interesting innovations that we hope to find his successor. The software part was a success thanks to a free Android overlay, weighing performance and development updates from competitors, but mostly with still active voice commands. Another advantage with customizable shells Motorcycle Maker.
Lenovo, on the verge of acquiring Motorola, probably did not have the opportunity to participate in the development of the smartphone. It will probably be more to say about its launch. I bet it will not be limited only to America this time.
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