Saturday, May 24, 2014

New phones coming out Nokia X2 is already preparing

The next Nokia smartphone running Android in full preparation

The least we can say is that this announcement had surprised the press! A few days before the formalization of its acquisition by Microsoft , despite its omnipresence in the world of smartphones with Windows Phone , Nokia unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in three turns smartphones ... Android mobile operating system from Google .
At launch , Nokia officials had indicated that these new devices should enable it to address the market entry level . However, since the Microsoft announcement has completed the acquisition of Nokia which is at the same time become Microsoft Mobile. However, far from abandoning the range of devices , Microsoft is already on the floor and his successor might reveal quite quickly.

Catching a disappointing first model

However, if the announcement of the New phones coming out Nokia X2 could respond quickly, it's just that Microsoft should definitely come fill the disappointment of his first model. Indeed, was equipped with a Snapdragon S4 processor Play, an architecture that uses a CPU Cortex- A5 double heart 1GHz Adreno 203 GPU as well as , all supported by 512 or 768 MB of RAM. However , all lacked power and especially flow , both of which should be greatly improved .
According to the first information we have shipped the device should a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 , 302 clocked dual-core Cortex- A7 1.2 Ghz and an Adreno GPU and 1GB of RAM. If this is the case , we would have the same architecture as the excellent Motorola Moto E and we can therefore expect good things.

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