Monday, May 26, 2014

New Nexus 8 Phones Coming Out unveiled in a first image

The next Nexus tablet or the first Android tablet Silver unfolds .

In recent weeks, the future of the Nexus program is increasingly blurred . Indeed, we still do not know if Google plans to renew its Nexus range this year. So after five Nexus smartphones and three tablets, Google could stop this range and start another instead.

Thus, the replacement program would be called Android Silver and would be composed of high-end devices made by Google. Today, however, a first image of what could be the next tablet Google Nexus or Android Silver, was seen on the website of the company and is unlike any tablet in the market.

A tablet produced by HTC

However, this future tablet could be produced by HTC. Unfortunately , its design is agreed not to say downright classic . The edges are quite thick, but the screen appears to be a slab 8 inches. If we still know nothing of the future tablet if it is to know that HTC would be the producer we should have more information at the end of June.

Google will in fact 25 and 26 June in San Francisco , high annual developers conference , Google IO. Remains whether this tablet will be unveiled during the great conference where Google should be much talked about Android Wear.

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